EA6 Platform Lift Curved

Cama EA7 Features and functions


The HANDI-LIFT is for curved stairs and stairs with a landing, and for giving a total freedom on your stair. It is individually manufactured with regards to the stair’s width and length. It is designed so it will fit into all buildings without essential alterations. The HANDI-LIFT has a new designed rail system in aluminium which looks like a bannister and therefore it fits easily into the existing surroundings. At the same time the lift and the rail system is designed in a way that makes them easy to reuse. The HANDI-LIFT drives in the stair’s inner curve and can thus turn 90 and 180 degrees and drive across a landing. The lift is provided with safety arms and flaps on the front and back of the platform. The platform’s flaps and bearing plate have a interrupting function at jamming danger. The HANDI-LIFT is battery driven so the risk for a power cut is removed and there are no ugly cables. It is delivered as a fully automatic lift, where platform and safety arms are operated automatically. This model can also be delivered with a remote control. The lift can be changed from right to left side in an easy and simple way and with low costs. The lift offers individual adjustments and great flexibility at sensitive surroundings. The platform measures 1000 x 800 mm, but can be adjusted to the individual stair or wheelchair. Is also delivered for outdoor use.


  • Load: 225 kg. or 300 kg.
  • Travel: From 0 to 50 degrees slope
  • Speed: *0,1 m/s (reduced in the curves)
  • Driving motor: 300w 24V.
  • Platform motor: 24 v.
  • Barrier-arm motor: 24 V
  • Electric supply: 1 phase 200-260V, AC max: 10A
  • Supply: Charger: 1 phase 200-260V AC
  • Lift: 24V DC
  • Driving mechanism: Rack with overspeed governor.
  • Construction: Steel- and aluminium rails on the wall or on columns.

*Speed is reduced by weight and slope.


  • Rail: Ø50 mm.
  • Width folded up: *395 mm.
  • Width folded out: *1130 mm.
  • Platform standard size: 1000×800 mm.

*Standard platform, wall-mounted.

Safety details:

  • Overspeed governor and brake.
  • Limit switch
  • Weight sensor
  • Manual emergency raising of barrier arms and platform
  • Emergency lowering system
  • Active surfaces that stops the lift when it runs into an obstacle.

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