About CAMA Lift


CAMA is Denmark’s largest and oldest manufacturer and supplier of stairlifts for disabled people.
The company appreciates the quality and design high and makes great efforts to accommodate stair lifts to the surroundings they have been purchased.

The idea behind the design in CAMA products has always been to make high quality products that fit into the existing surroundings, and also meets the user’s needs. CAMA use large resources on product development to ensure that the products always gives the user the best possible use and exploitation. Products are approved by the authorities in Denmark and on export markets that include Europe, Australia and Asia.


Our service is only valid in Denmark and includes measurement, assembly and disassembly. In agreement also offered regular inspection after the warranty expired, call for service, troubleshooting and repair. Our service personnel perform services throughout the country, if you have any problems with the lift, you can summon help from us. We are also available with further advice on the lift installation.​

Statutory inspection applies to all types of lifts and can vary from 1 to 12 service visits a year. However, there are exceptions due to special circumstances. After purchase and installation of a new CAMA lift is a year warranty, which thus also includes servicing. Once the guarantee after one year has elapsed, we will automatically send an offer of service.

CAMA Products