EA9 Measurement Form

    This form has 6 steps. The form will be sent to measurementform@camalift.com.
    All files (sketches) have to be uploaded in a .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg or .png format.
    Please review the form before submitting.

    Step 1 - Application & Type, References



    Project ID

    Sketch no.

    Quotation no.

    Lift no.

    Reference ID

    Step 2 - Customer & End User Information

    Measured by

    Date of Measurement

    Remarks concerning the measurement

    Contact Person

    Contact Information



    Installation Location

    Step 3 - General




    Colour, lift (RAL Code)

    Colour, Coloumns (RAL Code)

    Load capacity (kg)

    Raise / Lower Mechanism

    Platform size (mm)

    Step 4 - Electric

    Power Supply

    Operating Systems

    Operating Systems

    Remote Control Accessories

    Step 5 - Materials & Obstacles

    Stair Material

    Landing Material

    Problems with bulkhead?

    In case of problems with bulkhead, please attach a sketch.

    Stairs carpeted?

    Any obstacles? (such as radiators, doors, etc.)

    Photo documentation

    The following images are requested:
    The stairs seen from below, looking up.
    The stairs seen from above, looking down.
    The bottom part of the stairs and the floor, seen from the side.
    The top part of the stairs and the floor, seen from the side.

    Additional notes

    Step 6 - EA7 Specific

    Top overrun

    Bottom overrun

    Straight flight measured

    Individual rise/net tread


    Confirm measurements

    Your total vertical height and horizontal length should match your total rise and total net tread.
    Total vertical height = total rise
    Total horizontal length = total net tread