ML7 Measurement Form

    This form has 7 steps. The form will be sent to
    All files (sketches) have to be uploaded in a .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg or .png format.
    Please review the form before submitting.

    Step 1 - Application & Type



    Step 2 - Measurement

    Step 3 - Customer

    Step 4 - References

    Step 5 - General


    Fill in the sketch

    Specify in the input fields below where you want the entrances to be.

    The squares specify where the entrances will be located.

    "1" specifies an entrance, top position.
    "2" specifies an entrance, bottom position.

    You are only allowed one safety switch.
    The circles specify where the safety switch will be located.

    Colour, lift (RAL Code)

    Colour, tower (RAL Code)

    Colour, door (RAL Code)

    Load capacity (kg)

    Platform size (mm)


    Fill in the sketch

    Specify if you want it open or closed for both the top and bottom square respectively.

    Step 6 - Electric

    Voltage (V)

    Operating systems

    Step 7 - Materials & Obstacles

    Floor / Bottom

    Landing / Top

    Wall Material

    Ceiling Height (mm)

    In case of problems with the ceiling height, please attach a sketch.

    Any obstacles? (such as radiators, doors, etc.)

    Photo documentation

    Additional notes